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2021,m porn

Jointly build a dangerous articles packaging laboratory with Guangdong Huangpu Customs Technology Center;,keral porn

big xxx ass,Established Group Research Institute;

Hunan factory officially put into operation;,porn huh com

20,000 square meters of Hunan factory is under construction;,mia malvoka

bdsm free,Established Subsidiary SQA (Sea Quality Accurate);

redtube],Settled Group headquarter in Tianan Cyber Park, Dongguan, Guangdong;

tren sex com,Become an excellent supplier of EMTEK Co., Ltd.

Co-build a key reliability laboratory with DQT (Dongguan Quality Testing);,porn new

Confirmed the project of Kushan factory in Jiangsu province;,sexy vidoi

Established subsidiary QTS (Quality technical service) and HUD (Haiyouda Intelligent Technology);,

20,000 square meters of mechanical standardization factory put into operation;,mms sex blog

BV, SGS, INTERTEK, TUV and other well-known testing institutions have listed Haida in the list of qualified suppliers;,aloha purn

m porn,Haida Technical Committee was established, with 10 doctoral-level experts providing technical support for Haida;

laura gemser,Established Vietnam branch and Bangladesh branch;

Company performance goal 110 million;,brazeer

Tianjin Haida Precision Co., Ltd.,hot butt sex

Research and Development Center to expand the development of auto parts projects;,m porn

Brother company Guangdong Dili Tyco Instrument Co., Ltd. opened the auspicious;,,Dongguan Wei Control Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established;

bestwifeporn,Won the title of national High-tech Enterprises;

mom x vedio,Awarded the title of patent cultivation enterprise;

Guang Xi Haida Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. was established;
Wholly owned by the City of Combined Detection Technology Co., Ltd. was established calibration;
Haida Shandong Precision Instrument Co., preliminary planning for;

National Institute of Applied editorial furniture industry standards;
Foshan Furniture Institute Compiling institutes;
Hengyang Normal outstanding graduates internship base;
Alibaba orange power gymnastics training camp base;

2013,kinki sex

Shenzhen Branch was established
Foshan Branch was established
Guangdong Lions camp practice
Tianjin Haida Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. was established


18 new products get the patent certificate;
Surpported by the government as a backup potential enterprise;
Guangdong branch set up;
Series HD smart products appearance;
The fourth, fifth manufacturing plant put into production.

Xiamen Haida Precision Instruments Co., Ltd. was set up;
Products approved with CE, CMC, SGS authority authentication;
Won the "high-tech enterprises" qualification;
Won the: "private science and technology enterprises" qualification,
The third manufacturing plant put into production.

Haida Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. (HK) registered successfully;
Award the recommend member unit and director unit by 22 Industry Association;
Found the international after-service center in Thailand;
Found the international after-service center in Thailand;
The second-factory was established.

Haida, Kunshan Precision Instruments Ltd was established;
Chongqing, Changsha, Xiamen, Tianjin Branch was established in 4 cities;
Egypt international service center was established;
Vietnam international service center was established;
Haida awarded "Good Faith Enterprise" qualification.

2008,lesbian 8

"Haida" trademark by the State Patent and Trademark Office audit certification
The company was awarded the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification;
Establish a global development strategy; completion of the European Union CE certification of all products;
Obtained self-import and export rights, Haida products sold worldwide.

Be in line with international norms, and has set up a research and development institutions with Germany, France, Britain, Italy;
Establish the paper packaging materials Rally, environmental simulation, mechanical, stickers, bags, electronics, Furniture, toys, etc. as the main research and development strategies;
The formation of the International Marketing Division, Haida products began to enter the international market.

Environmental simulation testing equipments are successfully developed;
Furniture and household testing equipments are successfully promoted;
Suitcase, footwear and garment testing equipments are success fully produced;
Toys and baby stroller testing equipments are successfully supplied;
Small house appliance testing equipments are successfully manufactured.


The first one universal material tensile and compress testing machine
Provide the digital quality test solution for paper, package, printing industry
Adhesive tape, rubber, plastic testing machines innovate successful
Expand overall domestic market.

Haida was found manufacturing Professional Base in Dongguan
Receive manufacturing measuring products license from Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection.
Named Haida Equipment Co., Ltd. officially


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